Turkmen National Security Minister Yaylym Berdiev fired from his post by presidential decree

Turkmen National Security Minister Yaylym Berdiev fired from his post by presidential decree

Chronicle of Turkmenistan

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Turkmen National Security Minister Yaylym Berdiev was fired from his post by presidential decree. This was reported by the Turkmen service of Radio Liberty – Radio Azatlyk. Shortly before his resignation, the official was demoted from Colonel General to Major General. According to the publication, the country is preparing the resignation of high-ranking security officials.

The Ministry of National Security of Turkmenistan is the successor to the republican KGB. President’s decree on Berdiev’s dismissal was read out on state television on Tuesday evening. According to the report, the head of counterintelligence was removed from office in connection with the transfer to another job. But she was not named.

At a meeting of the Security Council of Turkmenistan on January 22, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov severely reprimanded Berdiyev "with the latest warning for improper performance of duties and shortcomings in work." Then the colonel general was demoted and removed from the council. Defense Minister Begench Gundogdyev received a similar reprimand that day.

Radio sources say that in the near future several more heads of law enforcement agencies, including Gundogdyev, will lose their posts. They attribute this to the country's planned constitutional reform for 2020. It involves the creation of a bicameral parliament in the state.

On October 1, 2019, the Minister of Internal Affairs Iskander Mulikov was demonstratively fired in Turkmenistan. The president removed him from the government meeting, demoted him and stripped him of all state awards. In December, it became known about his arrest. Later, the former minister was shown on the state channel with his head shaved. He talked on the air about his involvement in corruption and apologized with tears in his eyes to the people. Mulikov was sentenced to 25 years in prison.

According to one source, 44-year-old Mulikov paid for a close relationship with the influential businessman Chara Kulov, who “behaved wrong” at the time when in July 2019, President Berdymukhamedov suddenly disappeared for a long time, thereby giving rise to rumors about his death.