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Peter Pavlensky

AGN Moscow / Andrey Nikerichev

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Benjamin Grivault withdrew on Friday from the mayoral election in Paris after a sexually explicit video with his participation appeared on a site created by action artist Peter Pavlensky, according to the Liberation newspaper.

As Pavlensky wrote on Facebook, Grivault, representing the party of French President Emmanuel Macron's “Forward, Republic!”, Positions itself as “the only candidate whose entire campaign is built to protect family, childhood and traditional family values.” At the same time, Grivo "masturbates on camera and tries to attract young students with these videos."

“I don’t want to substitute myself and my family,” the politician said and announced the withdrawal of the candidacy.

"My family does not deserve this. No one should be subjected to such an attitude," Grivo explained, accusing his political opponents of persecuting him and his family and interfering in his private life.

Grivo is a former government spokesperson and minister. His struggle for promotion to the mayors of Paris from the ruling party was accompanied by scandals, during which the opponent Grivaud was expelled from the party.

The mayoral election in Paris will be held in March. The favorite is the current mayor Ann Hidalgo, supported by left-wing forces.

Pyotr Pavlensky gained fame for his performances in Russia, which had an acute political orientation. His action with arson of the door of the FSB building in Lubyanka is the most famous, after which he spent several months in a pre-trial detention center. The artist received political asylum in France.

In early 2019, he was sentenced to 3 years in prison (2 of them conditionally) for setting fire to the door of the Bank of France building, which Pavlensky also called an art action.