The son of the eldest daughter of Nursultan Nazarbayev Aisultan asked for political asylum in the UK, saying that he has information about corruption between the governments of Kazakhstan and the Russian Federation

The son of the eldest daughter of Nursultan Nazarbayev Aisultan asked for political asylum in the UK, saying that he has information about corruption between the governments of Kazakhstan and the Russian Federation

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The son of Nursultan Nazarbayev’s eldest daughter, Aisultan, sought political asylum in the UK, saying that he had information about corruption between the governments of Kazakhstan and the Russian Federation. He announced this on Facebook.

“The thing is that I have information about high-level corruption between the government of Russia and Kazakhstan. I’m talking about billions of US dollars stolen from the people of Kazakhstan,” Aisultan said, adding that he’s “in the center of my family’s greed and gluttony,” including his mother Dariga Nazarbayeva and her husband Kairat Sharipbaev. According to Aisultan, his mother and her husband started a behind-the-scenes war against Aisultan's former father-in-law, Kairat Boranbaev. The problem was the gas contract, "where Kazakh gas is sold to Russian Gazprom for a penny" (Spelling and punctuation saved – approx.

“There is a cushioning company there and it generates a profit of about 1.5 billion US dollars per year. Money is deposited in Singapore and there it is divided between the Russian top, the wallets of Vladimir Putin, and in particular, Alexey Miller, the head of Russian Gazprom. As for Kazakhstan, the profit is about 700 million dollars a year, divided between Timur Kulibayev and Kairat Boranbaev, my former father-in-law, "Aisultan explained. According to him, Nazarbayev and her husband wanted to take this contract for themselves, while he himself sided with his father-in-law "and thereby put himself under attack."

In the fall of 2015, Nursultan Nazarbayev called Aisaltan to his place: according to him, there was a “conversation on mats and nuts” between the grandfather and grandson. “I happened to explain to him that with the system that he created, he can lose everything if he allows his family and his environment to take different businesses from each other. I said that greed and gluttony will destroy you all!”, Aisaltan writes. As a result, Dariga Nazarbayeva was transferred from the position of vice premier to the Senate, and her husband, who served as president of KazTransGas, was "exiled" to the company’s supervisory board.

According to Aisultan, after that his mother and her husband began to look for “incriminating evidence”, but his only weakness was “drugs, in which I sought to calm my soul from an unbearable reality.” In 2017, he turned to Nursultan Nazarbayev to recover from drug addiction, and flew for treatment to Moscow, where he spent 3 months. "Upon arrival in Kazakhstan, my mother began to blackmail me with the fact that I use drugs. She tried to force me to not write anything on my Facebook page about the highest echelon of power. That I would be an obedient and tame son!". However, in the end, Aisaltan admitted to using drugs on Facebook, and his mother "turned Nursultan Nazarbayev against me."

“They took my passport, illegally issued a passport with the surname Aliyev without my consent, and sent to Moscow, where they expected me to tear. And I fell off again,” writes Aisaltan, saying that he was “caught and forcefully injected with psychotropic substances, and sent to rot in prison, "where he spent 14 months. After Aisaltan was" pulled out of prison by Russian intelligence services, "Aisaltan's wife said she wanted a divorce, and his accounts were illegally arrested.

“Later I left the country irrevocably. I did not want to live in this family mess!” Aisultan writes, adding that he was found in London and tried to return to Kazakhstan against his will. "But I managed to escape from them! And so, I broke into someone else's apartment, where the British police arrested me, and put me in Wandsworth prison! I was so happy to be there. I finally exhaled!", The grandson notes the president. According to him, already in prison, he agreed with his mother that she and her husband would leave him alone.

“But fear led them too much: they were afraid that I would open my mouth and tell the truth!” Aisaltan writes, saying that his mother’s driver again took his passport from him, promising to give Times an interview about the latest events. “If I still live,” he concludes.

On June 3 last year, Aisultan Nazarbayev made a commotion in a hotel in central London. He ran out onto the balcony and threatened to commit suicide. The administration called the police. On June 5, a similar incident was repeated in a Tavistock Street apartment in central London. Nazarbayev was on the balcony and shouted something. The neighbors felt that he shouted terrorist slogans and called the police. According to the defense, Nazarbayev shouted the word "Allah" because he was asking for help.

The incident began with the fact that Nazarbayev entered the apartment of a girl named Ksenia Sheveleva. She claims that she does not know Nazarbayev. Apparently, he got into her apartment through the balcony – the furniture on the balcony and inside the apartment was damaged, as well as other things. She found Nazarbayev’s passport and wallet in the drawer of her desk, and his belongings in the washing machine. Damage to the apartment and things of the girl is estimated at 5 thousand pounds. She also experienced fear and trouble sleeping after the incident.

A policeman arrived at the call of one of the local residents, who ordered Nazarbayev to lie on the floor and not move, but he did not obey and moved toward the policeman. He at least three times used a stun gun.

At some point, Nazarbayev was able to rip off the part of the stun gun that supplied the charge, and attacked the policeman. According to the police report, the grandson of the Kazakh leader in total tried to resist the actions of the police for 53 minutes. The policeman left a scar, it took him time to restore self-confidence and confidence in the possibility of continuing the service.

The report from the Priory clinic, where Nazarbayev was treated for drug addiction, says that he followed the instructions of the doctors and showed great progress in treatment. The judge said that he had taken into account the success of the treatment and decided that it was better to continue further treatment at large. Nazarbayev’s lawyer, on his behalf, said that he was greatly relieved to hear the verdict, and he was pleased with the verdict, saying that his client had embarked on a course of correction. As a result, Aisaltan was sentenced to one year probation.