The EU called on their countries to intensify military cooperation


The statement appeared on the day following the publication in certain European media.

The EU Council, which approved the creation of a unified information system of the intelligence services of the EU, urged the EU to intensify defense cooperation and joint development of a European defence industry in the framework of Permanent structured military cooperation (PESCO).

This is stated in a statement on Tuesday the statement of the EU Council at the level of defence Ministers, writes with reference to .

The statement appeared on the day following the publication in certain European media of the letter, the Deputy Minister of defense for procurement and logistics Ellen Lord the leadership of the EU institutions, in which it expressed concern about the United States expanding military cooperation in the EU in the framework of PESCO, which leads to “undue dissipation of resources and duplication of functions of NATO.”

“The EU Council calls upon all participating countries (programme PESCO) to make active progress in the implementation of an increasing number of legal obligations aimed at the convergence of their defence systems to enhance the overall development of military capabilities in Europe”, – reads the statement of the EU Council.Earlier it was reported that the defence Ministers of the EU started discussing the possibilities for connection are not included in this community of States to the European program Permanent structured partnerships (PESCO) in defence and security.

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