Biathlon: Ukraine is the fifth in the mixed relay world championship


Pidruchnuy Dmytro and Anastasiya Merkushyna stopped 20 seconds from world championship medals in the mixed relay.

The first half of the race Ukrainian Duo spent 10 points out of 10. With four perfect shootings Ukraine on the equator of the relay was in the lead with a 5-second lead over France.

Unfortunately, the medal chances were shattered in the third stage – Anastasiya Merkushyna after two prone penalties in the rack the last one did not close the target and lost precious seconds.

In the end, the final stage Pidruchny began only in seventh place – Dmitry tried desperately to break through to the podium, but the leaders of problems with the shooting arose. Sensational world champion had to settle for a fight for the fifth place on the final lap Pidruchny easily bypassed Russian Matvey Eliseev.

The first world Champions in the mixed relay became a Norwegian Duo consisting of olsbu Marte Rosseland and Johannes Bø. Olsby Roseland became a double world champion in the relay, Be-younger has won its sixth gold.World Cup-2019. The results of the mixed relay:

1. Norway (ASBU Roseland, Th. Be, 0+6) 35:43,2
2. Italy (Wierer, Hofer, 0+5) +13,4
3. Sweden (Öberg, Samuelsson, 0+8) +20,0

4. Germany (0+6) +30.5 mm
5. Ukraine (Merkushina, Pidruchny, 0+5) +41,5
6. Russia (0+5) +52,7

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