The walls of the Kharkiv city Council has set fire to a dumpster. Video


So activists tried to enforce a court ruling on the suspension of the new fares.

Representatives of public organizations held at the walls of the Kharkiv city Council campaign, during which he set fire to contents of a dumpster.

About it reports the Internet-the edition with reference to .

So activists tried to enforce a court ruling on the suspension of new, higher tariffs for public transport in the city.

From February 7 fare in Kharkiv metro was increased to UAH 8, in urban electric transport – up to UAH 6 decision of the Executive Committee of Kharkiv city Council.

February 19, Kharkiv district administrative court the decision has suspended the increase in fares. However, the city hall 20 February closed again set the high cost of travel.

“Yesterday the Executive Committee of the Kharkiv city Council on the secret, not afraid of the words, without the media, adopted amendments to the decision they had made about raising the rates, it changes nothing. Because the decision, in which they accepted the changes, it is suspended”, – said the head of TH “Kharkov anti-corruption center” Dmytro Bulakh.According to Deputy mayor Eugene Vodovozova, the judgment in the mayor’s office has not yet been reported and the municipality acts on the basis of the decision taken at the Executive Committee meeting February 20 – new edition of the decision of Executive Committee on increase of tariffs in electric vehicle.

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