The thief attacked the girl who’s a prizefighter. Video


The girl saw through the bluff of the robber that he was armed, and used their skills from the Thai Boxing.

In Brazil, prizefighter has managed to disarm the robber, using sports techniques. The final stage of the struggle, and the thief girl was caught on video and appeared on the YouTube channel Metrоpoles DF, transfers the Internet-the edition with reference to .

The clerk of the cars 31-year-old Ruth da Silva sat in his car in the Parking lot when she was attacked by a robber. A man got in the car and grabbed the girl by the hair, threatening to shoot her. The thief demanded the wallet, phone and car keys.

Da Silva decided not to tempt fate and meet the demands of the attacker. But in the rear view mirror she saw that a gun in the hands of men there, and decided to fight back. The moment the girl caught the champion on Thai Boxing, used to thief a rear naked choke and was caught on video.The police arrived on the scene, detained the criminal. It turned out that he was previously convicted for rape.

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