As troyeschina “stormed” the city train. Video


At the station, Troyeshchyna-2 during rush hour, residents of Kiev had to take by storm the city train.

In Kiev, Troyeshchyna residential area in the morning rush hour have problems with the movement of the s-Bahn. The corresponding video Monday, 19 February, was posted on the FB page Troyeshchina in the social network Facebook, reports the Internet-the edition with reference to .

As it became known, during rush hour, cancelled several morning flights trains. In addition, it reduced the number of cars.

At the same time the station has gathered a large number of people. They had to storm the cars.According to some people of Kiev, they were able to travel in the cab. They also complained about the terrible state of the trains. The majority noted that such traffic jams occurs frequently, almost every day.

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