Intel is preparing a mysterious Quad-core processor


Intel introduced six new Core processors, the ninth generation.

In the database performance test SiSoftware found records of testing of the new processor called Intel Core i3-9100F. This chip has not been officially presented together with other representatives of the F-series, but apparently, soon Intel will add it to its range.

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Recall that earlier this year Intel introduced six new Core processors, the ninth generation (Refresh Coffee Lake), most of whom belonged to the F series, which are deprived of integrated graphics. A little later, Intel introduced the Intel Core i3-8100F, which also lacks integrated graphics, but it refers to the Core of the eighth generation (Coffee Lake).

However, at the moment the description of Core i3-8100F has been removed from the official Intel website. Perhaps the company simply decided to rename it to Core i3-9100F to denote the belonging to the last series, whereby the processor would look “fresh”. Or Intel just decided not to release the Core i3-8100F, but instead to release the Core i3-9100F with some minor changes.

Anyway, Core i3-9100F is a processor with four cores and four threads. Its clock frequency according to SiSoftware, is 3.6 GHz. Note that the same frequency was reported for the Core i3-8100F. Also, the new processor has 6 MB cache in the third level and will offer 16 lanes PCI Express memory support DDR4-2400 and a TDP of 65 watts.However, some rumors indicate that the novelty will receive other frequencies. According to one source, the frequency of the Core i3-9100F will be slightly higher – 3.7 GHz. In turn, the description of one of the Dell systems on the official website of the manufacturer, processor Core i3-9100 and it will be supports the Turbo Boost technology, which can automatically accelerate up to 4.2 GHz. In General, the question of the clock frequency of processors Core i3-9100 and Core i3-9100F remains open.

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