The “secret” setting will help to increase the speed of Chrome five times


The developers added to the browser a new feature that will significantly speed up the process of loading pages.

As we found out, the new setting in Google Chrome to five times increases the speed of loading sites, and it happens due to the fact that it activates a mode called Never-Slow Mode, that translates as “No slowdowns” reports with reference to the portal .

As the developers describe their new creation, the Never mode-Slow Mode – this is an experimental feature, the final decision about adding which in the final stable build of Google Chrome is still pending.

The essence of his work is that special AI analyzes the page in real time before she began to appear, and then irritate the boot priority. In this case, the user first sees only the content to load initially.With all the heavy images, scripts, videos and other materials are downloaded then, when you scroll the page. To test the novelty now is available for everyone, installing the alpha version from the official repository developers.

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