Scientists radically revised the growth forecasts of sea level


According to researchers, ocean levels will rise slightly

Scientists recognized that the influence of melting glaciers on global sea level before it was greatly exaggerated. Previously, researchers predicted that by 2100 it will rise a meter or more, but now some of them suggest that he is growing will be a maximum of 14-15 see these results research results in the journal Nature, reported, citing .

Tamsin Edwards, a researcher at king’s College London together with colleagues reviewed the old pessimistic predictions, analyzing data on the melting of the glaciers during the last 3 million 125 thousand and 25 years. They found that melting Antarctic glaciers plots in the past had a powerful influence on the rise of the oceans.

As the researchers write, given the small relationship today, you will find that the probability that for 80 years, ocean levels will rise at least half a meter, equal to about 5%. But most likely, this increase does not exceed 20 cm While scientists can not fully exclude the factor of the glaciers: they only say that in this area just more research is needed.Earlier, us and Dutch researchers found that the rate of destruction of the ice shield of Antarctica from 1979 to 2017 has increased more than six-fold, from 40 billion tonnes of ice per year to more than 250 billion And scientists from USA, Germany and France found in melting Antarctic glacier Thwaites cavity area of about 40 km 2 and a depth of 350 m., which was formed there after 2010.

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