In the space on your ship: a 68-year-old billionaire is preparing for the flight


Businessman Richard Branson intends to fly on the 50th anniversary of man’s landing on the moon

British billionaire, 68 year old Richard Branson has announced its intention to go into space for four or five months aboard his own spaceship Virgin Galactic.

He told AFP during the event in honor of the Virgin Galactic at the Museum of air and space in Washington, DC (USA), reports citing .

The flight he wants to realize on the anniversary of the first landing of men on the moon.

“I have a dream to fly on the 50th anniversary of the landing on the moon (the anniversary of the mission Apollo 11, which is celebrated in July of 2019 ed.), here’s what we’re working on,” said Branson.

According to him, preparations for the flight already is at the final stage. “By July we should hold enough of the tests,” he added, noting that he didn’t want to cheer their team on. The next test spaceplane is planned for February 20.

The company believes it will be ready to service customers by the end of 2019. Already 800 people have booked their place in the future spaceplane at a price of $200-250 thousand.

He also said that Virgin Galactic costs him $ 35 million per month. Earlier he said that 2000 years invested in the company over a billion dollars.

Dec 13, Virgin Galactic announced that during the fourth test flight over California’s Mojave desert set a new record: the spaceplane VSS Unity class for the first time SpaceShipTwo broke the altitude with a maximum speed of 2.9 Mach rose to a height of 82,7 km Branson execute its plans before the end of the year, Virgin Galactic will become the world’s first space company that will send tourists into space, beating with Blue Origin Jeff Bezos, which has similar plans.

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