In Britain, the 5G technology will experience in the countryside


Britain will test 5G for rural areas

In Britain, the 5G technology will experience in the countryside. Testing will be performed by company Cisco supported 28 partners in the project RuralFirst 5G, writes with reference to

“The 5G initiative RuralFirst developed by Cisco and the Scottish University of Strathclyde on the money of the British government. In the framework of the project since June last year on the Orkney Islands in Shropshire and Somerset system is based rural test sites 5G. Using equipment from 10 different suppliers of wireless systems, radio frequency test sites that Europe has allocated for 5G,” – said in the message.

It is reported that these tests will be conducted to show the progressive influence of the network of the fifth generation on agriculture. Since many of the larger operators are focussing on the introduction of 5G in the cities, a large proportion of rural residents still are unable to even assess the benefits of LTE network.

Perform a communication test will be specially equipped for these purposes the ground in Orkney. It is noted that the test is reserved for “rural 5G” square sizes up to 2 000 square kilometers, while the same areas for testing in the city is assigned to only a few kilometers.It is expected to experience the network of the fifth generation in rural areas will begin this month, after completion of all work on the arrangement of the test sites. In 5G RuralFirst promise at the end of the test to hold public report of the results on March 28 in Glasgow.

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