In Australia have developed a new cure for cancer


Preparing large-scale clinical studies

Scientists from the Australian Institute heart and diabetes name of Baker has announced a new method of destroying cancer cells.

About this revolutionary development said in a press release that was published by Eurekalert, reports citing .

As it turned out, the platelets accumulate in areas surrounding the tumor. On the basis that when activated, they form blood clots and stop the loss of blood, our specialists have developed compounds that target activated platelets, identifying tumor cells.

Thus, the team led by Professor Karlheinz Peter was able to develop a new effective method of visualization and targeting of platelets by chemotherapy for early detection and treatment of cancer.

We have shown that we can display the activated platelets for the detection of tumors using clinically available imaging technologies such as ultrasound and PET/CT,” said the Professor.

According to scientists, the discovery will help to develop therapy even difficult to treat tumors (e.g., breast cancer) which do not have specific markers for targeted chemotherapy drugs. It will also weaken the side effects, as chemical compound will accumulate exclusively around the tumors.According to him, the development team has patented a new cure for cancer and is now looking for funding to conduct large-scale clinical trials.

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