Xiaomi Mi Band 4 surprise new feature


In future novelty manufacturer has decided to completely revise the method of charging

Now on the market of sports bracelets was a lull, and continues it has been almost six months, writes with reference to

However, this situation does not mean that the wrist gadgets are not created. On the contrary, the lack of announcements is a direct proof of creation of new models, many of which announce in the current 2019. One of these will be a device called the Xiaomi Mi Band 4.

It will appeal to all buyers of the new feature, which all the fans of the trackers from the manufacturer dream for a long time. It is no secret that even though released last year model Mi Band 3 and satisfy the needs of most buyers, but the manufacturer still has much work to do in the future. A good example is the charging method of the tracker. To charge it you need to remove the bracelet of silicone strap, and then connected to a special charger.

For this you need to insert a capsule of the tracker in a special adapter, and it, in turn, connect to a USB port.Fortunately, the model Xiaomi Mi Band 4 the charging process much simpler. Removing each time capsule in the model Mi Band 3 band gradually stretched, with the result that it can then from there start to fall, for example, during outdoor sports, but information about these cases is available on thematic forums. In future novelty manufacturer has decided to completely revise the method of charging, using the kind has long been used by many other brands.

In order to charge the Xiaomi Mi Band 4, will be enough to simply bring the magnetic charge to a special area on the back cover. She’ll attach to the tracker and will start to recharge. It is very convenient and, most importantly, do not have to remove the capsule with the tracker from the band. In this regard, most likely, the manufacturer would refuse on similar designs in favor of more modern, but it is guaranteed to still be able to change the strap to any other as you wish to use the user.

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