In Canada, the crime was solved using the font from Microsoft


The culprit was caught thanks to the Calibri font.

Canadian businessman tried using these documents to get away from the payments after the bankruptcy, writes the canadian newspaper National Post, reports citing .

Gerald Makhoj, former CEO of Look Communications, a millionaire, filed for bankruptcy in December 2017. Shortly thereafter, the former head of the presented documents designed to protect two homes from creditors. According to the two signed statements, property, house in Muskoka and farm in Caledon, was in trust for his wife and children.

There was only one problem: both documents were written fonts that were invented a few years after the date specified in the securities. In particular, the document on the house in Muskoka, supposedly created in 1995, was written in font Cambria, which was not informed until 2002.

Documents for the farm in Caledon dated 2004. But paper typed in Calibri, which was not known to the General public until the release of Windows Vista in January 2007. It is now the default font for most Microsoft programs, including Word, Powerpoint and Outlook. Perhaps that is why the fraud and used this font.

In this case, which was tried by the Supreme court of Ontario, cited the testimony of Thomas W. Finney, a frequent expert witness on the font, especially on the development of Calibri.

“Mr. Finney says that no one except Microsoft employees, consultant or designer Luca de Groote, could not create a document using the font Calibri in March 2004,” reads the court’s decision.If Makhai used Times New Roman font Microsoft default until 2007, perhaps his cunning would never have been discovered. However, the judge also noted some other holes in this story, such as the fact that Makhai never mentioned powers of attorney to anyone before faced with financial difficulties.

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