Named the main feature of the firmware MIUI 11


Dark mode will change the firmware interface MIUI 11 to recognition.

All the Xiaomi smartphones run on the operating system Android, but not in pure form from Google, but pretty heavily modified. Thus, in particular, in 2019, will release the branded firmware MIUI 11, which will be updated more than 30 models of mobile devices released on the market mainly in recent years, reports the online edition citing .

As you know, the developers of the new firmware for smartphones Xiaomi always look at what are the innovations in their software adds Google itself. Since the next Android 10.0 Q basic rate will be made on the full support of the dark layout in MIUI 11 also it appears. Because the final build of the new firmware, albeit for the Chinese region, released before the stable operating system Android 10.0 Q, the owners of smartphones from Chinese corporations will be able to try out the innovation before many others.

Dark mode will change the firmware interface MIUI 11 to recognition, because the light colors will become dark and Vice versa. Along with the operating system Xiaomi adapts to the new regime all of its branded applications, and it is guaranteed to have the users taste. If the mobile device has an OLED screen, the battery consumption when using the new regime will be significantly reduced, because dark colors appear out significantly less electricity, and this of course is a very big plus. To use the new display mode or not the user can decide for himself.On average, autonomy when you activate dark themes will increase by 15 – 30%, and perhaps even stronger. The official presentation of the firmware MIUI 11 to be held in may, whereas the test Assembly for mobile devices will be released in early June. As for the timing of the release of the final build, it should go out after 2 – 3 months since the announcement, i.e. approximately in the second half of August. The latest software would also have to be other innovations, but what is unknown so far.

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