How to make your old smartphone run faster


A few tips that will help to improve the situation.

Your smartphone for several years, it runs significantly slower, but for financial or sentimental reasons you are not willing to change it to something newer. Here are a few tips that will help to improve the situation, reports the Internet-the edition with reference to .

Update the operating system

Rumor has it that manufacturers intentionally slow down older smartphones, forcing users to buy new gadgets. At least Apple was definitely found guilty of such manipulation. A few years ago, users noticed that after the next iOS upgrade old iPhones become slower.

For Android such tricks were not observed, because upgrading to a newer version can be a good solution. The fact that the applications that you use, regularly updated and most effectively work with later versions of the system. In addition, later versions of Android, usually better optimized and have a lot of patches in terms of safety.

Update applications

Here the situation is about the same as with the operating system. Fresh versions of applications, as a rule, better optimized and protected. Of course, it also happens that with the update the app starts to work worse. But it is rather an exception to the rule. Such problems are quickly eliminated by the developers.

Turn off automatic updates

It would seem that this advice contradicts the first two. But not so simple. Updated – well. Not so good when the smartphone is doing it yourself. Updating apps, not to mention the OS consumes a lot of energy and spends free space in phone memory. If your gadget is not the first freshness, such moments can be critical. Because manage software updates myself.

Clear your browser cache

After a couple years of use the phone memory is clogged with old documents, pictures downloaded from the Internet “in reserve” and unused applications. All this may not just take up space, but also reduce the performance of the gadget. For example, when you delve into the Internet browser keeps a lot of you displayed images. Just so, if necessary, not to load them again. Fortunately, all this stuff can be removed. In Chrome this can be done by clearing the history in the settings section “Personal data”. If you never before did not do this, you will be surprised how much space will be freed.

Remove unnecessary apps

Even if you are not using an app, it can still generate background processes that slow down your smartphone. If you own an old gadget, the rule is to remove apps you haven’t used the last couple of weeks or a month. Your smartphone breathe easier.

Use the Lite versions of the apps

Some important apps too heavy. For example, the Facebook app can significantly slow down your device and eat battery power, but few who are willing to remove it. Fortunately, weak especially for smartphones, developers have created a lightweight version of Facebook Lite. Similar to the Lite version are not just for Facebook but for many popular messengers.

Important: when installing the Lite version, ensure that she had the same developer as the master version of the application.

Reset to factory settingsthe Solution is radical but effective. The reset will return the smartphone to its original state, as if you just pulled it out of the box. Performance will definitely increase. However, before doing so, reset remember to save all the important files and contacts.

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