Sony has presented huge TVs with the new technology


Sony has unveiled a giant 4K and 8K TVs at CES 2019

TVs is one of the main highlights of the CES, therefore, not surprising that major companies announce their new model at

So Sony has decided to please their fans, presenting a new gigantic TV Master, which are divided into two series – Z9G (8K LCD) and A9G (4K OLED). Both-its amazing.

Z9G series is available in models with a diagonal of 98 and 85 inches. This is the first 8K TVs from Sony, made for consumers. The manufacturer claims that they use new technologies that help to achieve impressive image quality.

Series Z9G equipped with LCD-display, so the technology Surface acoustic Audio + OLED is not used. However, Sony has found a way to reproduce the sound, the feelings that emanates from the display. To achieve this, has been equipped with two speakers above and below the screen.

Sony also claims that the series Z9G improves the quality of 4K content to almost 8K thanks to a proprietary algorithm.

Model A9G comes in models 77”, 65” and 55”. Since this series uses an OLED panel, you can be sure that you will get true black color, super wide viewing angles and excellent contrast.

Z9G and A9G running Android TV (Oreo) and equipped with a processor X1 Picture Ultimate the latest generation for precise detail and contrast. Sony said that the televisions offer a better performance than the old model.Unfortunately, no information about price and about when they will be available for purchase, the company did not provide.

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