Windows 10 will deprive users 7 GB of disk space


Windows is getting hungry.

The latest build of Windows 10 Insider number 18312 is a new feature, in which the operating system reserves a large chunk of disk space.

Thus, the OS maximizes disk area by 7 GB, writes the Internet-the edition with reference to .

Backup repositories should ensure that some critical operations, primarily the installation of the update functions, will always be enough space.

Windows requires significant additional disk space during the installation of each update function (because it unpacks all the files) and after it (since the previous version of Windows remains unchanged, so you can revert back). Lack of space is one of the most common reasons why you can’t install updates.

The exact amount will depend on the installed additional features and language packs, but usually it’s about 7 GB. The reserved space is not completely lost in normal use, because some temporary files allow you to use this memory area.

Needless redundancy is implemented in NTFS. Each file system can have a set of backup, and free disk space will decrease depending on the size of the backup. Files created by Windows updates that are marked specially, allowing them to be used, the reserved space instead of redundancy, but not at the expense of ordinary space. The need to allocate additional 7 GB of free space on the disk will hurt first and foremost for the owners of laptops are available with internal memory of 64 GB.

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