The British have created an interactive map of homicides in the medieval London


Map of the beginning of the XIV century

Criminologists from Cambridge University have created an interactive map of homicides that have occurred in the territory of London at the beginning of the XIV century. The map shows the locations of the crimes, as well as details of the incident in the form of the short story. The data on the map you can also sort by gender of victim, type of weapon and area. The project is described on the University website, at .

In medieval England all the information about the sudden and mysterious deaths (murders, suicides and death in an accident) were collected by the coroner is an officer, specifically investigating the death. The coroner, along with a representative of a law enforcement Agency were called to the scene of the crime where he interviewed potential witnesses, and collecting the most detailed information on the incident. The data is then stored in the so-called scrolls of the coroner (coroners’ rolls) and was used in court.

Researchers from the University of Cambridge under the supervision of criminologist Manuel Eisner award (Manuel Eisner) collected information on 142 murders in the greater London area in the period from 1300 for 1340. Using open source code Google Maps the researchers caused information about the murders on two different maps: a map Braun Hogenberg presented in 1572, and a detailed map of London, published in 1270.Information on the map can be sorted by several parameters: sex of the victim, the murder weapon, type of crime scene (the murder was committed in public or in secret), and the area in which it was recorded. The map, therefore, can tell the details of the criminal life of London in the middle ages: in addition to the maps, the scientists also presented a detailed progress report, including tables with information about what time of day and day of the week the murder was committed, how quickly the victim died after the attack and in what part of the body injured. So, in 92 percent of cases, victims of killings were men, the most popular murder weapon was a long knife, and in 15 of 142 the described cases, the victim was still alive a few weeks after the assassination.

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