On sale memory card 1 terabyte


A new product from Lexar costs $499,99.

Brand Lexar returned to the PC storage market and introduced an SD card with a capacity of one terabyte.

This company is ahead of SanDisk, which for the first time presented the prototype of a terabyte memory card a couple of years ago, but was not allowed to model on sale, writes the Internet-the edition with reference to .

“I am very glad to introduce the brand Lexar to our customers around the world. Lexar is dynamic, has excellent opportunities for research and development and deep understanding of the needs of our customers. At the same time, we are confident that we can successfully expand the business Lexar in different markets around the world,” said CEO of Lexar Huabo Kai.

This is the first news we hear from Lexar with since it was purchased new by the parent company Longsys after ITC closed the brand in June 2017.

SD card capacity 1 TB got the name of the Lexar Professional SDXC 633x UHS-I. It is designed primarily for video storage. The product supports read speed up to 95 MB / s, which is enough to capture video in Full HD, 3D and 4K, as well as to transfer files back to the computer “without having to wait forever.”

According to senior marketing Manager at Lexar Joey Lopez, a map is created for content creators who “remove large volumes of high resolution images and 4K video”. In a press release from Lexar says the card will offer users a “longer sessions” because they don’t have to change cards as often as before.

Of course, products with large capacity memory is not cheap, and the same applies to the new terabyte memory card from Lexar. The product costs $ 499,99.Interestingly, SanDisk has demonstrated at CES 2019 USB flash drive with capacity of 4 TB. But it’s a prototype of the product and it will not appear in stores soon.

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