Instagram announced a new feature


The network encourages multiple content.

Today, popular social network Instagram has announced that it is doing the multiple posting to different accounts at the same time are possible and easily implementable – the technology feature is really interesting for many users, especially for companies that have more than one Instagram account. It is worth noting the fact that many users of this social network has more than one account, typically to separate personal and professional life, and in the context of companies, this aspect takes on a nominal character, owing to their enormity, reports citing .

In General, this possibility was noticed some time ago by users on devices with iOS operating system and the user social network has officially confirmed its existence and further improvement on this system. However, the ability to post content simultaneously to different accounts is too important new technological features to neglect the audience for Android devices- so that soon we can expect to Supplement and replenish the function and the audience.

The opportunity itself allows users to complete the same content for multiple accounts at the same time, not forcing him to reenter in other accounts, it saves time – especially if we are talking about the needs of the companies. Whatever it is, Instagram continues to systematically increase the functionality of their social network and offer something really interesting and promising for users. However, it is not clear yet, will add the company the same support and respect to Instagram Stories that continue to be refined.It is assumed that the social network will gradually be targeted to gradually improve its functionality, with emphasis on improving individual technologies and network capabilities – for example, the same process of registration of multiple content. Of course, in this area it becomes quite difficult to compete, particularly with other networks, but Instagram has all the chances.

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