CES 2019: HTC has unveiled a virtual reality helmet Vive Cosmos


The headset will allow to abandon the use of base stations, thanks to six built-in cameras.

In the framework of the international exhibition of electronics CES 2019 HTC told about prospects of development of the own device and the ecosystem of virtual reality, transfers the Internet-the edition with reference to .

A virtual reality helmet Vive Eye Pro is an improved version of the headset Vive Pro. The main innovation is the function of tracking the user’s eyes. According to General Director of HTC America, Dan O’brien (Dan O’brien), this technology adds versatility to a new headset. Helmet can now be used in many fields of human activities, ranging from sports to simulation techniques and, of course, computer games.

Eye tracking allows to use a custom rendering when the view is created clear and realistic image, but with a blurred background out of focus eyes. This means that the area of the screen that the user is actually not looking, takes less computing resources. Moreover, this approach eliminates the external controller in certain scenarios.

The second novelty is the HTC Vive headset brand new Cosmos. It is designed to work with personal computers and smartphones. It is known that Vive Cosmos get more advanced specifications than the Vive Pro, although HTC yet keeps them secret.

The headset will allow to abandon the use of base stations, thanks to six built-in cameras. Due to the modular approach, in the future, its functionality can be extended with new devices. Also Vive Cosmos will have new controllers.In addition, HTC told about a platform called Vive Reality. It is designed to facilitate the experience of interaction with the VR helmet since the beginning of its use. Vive Reality combines a user interface, browser, virtual reality, digital showcase (with available virtual reality games and other content) as well as social service.

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