The drop in sales of smartphones: Samsung, Apple and Huawei are preparing for the worst in 2019


From October 2018 and January 2019, the value of Apple shares fell by 65% (from $230 to $150 apiece).

The end of 2018 was unsuccessful not only for Apple but also for Samsung. Yuzhnoukrainsky the smartphone manufacturer expects a decline in profits and the beginning of 2019, which characterizes the drop in the market of mobile gadgets.

Huge demand for smartphones has caused the growth of supply from producers and now, every few months, on the shelves around the world have a new flagship model, transfers the Internet-the edition with reference to .

But, it seems that this race for the mass buyer has played a cruel joke with many leading companies. First, the decline in sales of smartphones reported to Apple. The company said that reducing the production of three models of the iPhone the last line (XS, Max XS and XR) due to low demand.

Later, the head of mobile units Samsung DJ Koch has publicly acknowledged that the company recently downgraded position in the global market. The Engadget reports that analysts expected Samsung’s smartphone sales at $56.2 billion, and the manufacturer now expects to receive $4.5 billion less income.

As for net profit, it must also fall by $2.1 billion from $9.7 billion that experts had forecast. Among the reasons for the falling sales isolated low popularity of budget phones and mid-range models to compete with the flagships of Apple and Huawei, as well as the failure of individual models, the type of Galaxy Note 9, which are oriented in the company.

As previously reported, in early 2019, the Samsung will bet on a new line of smartphones S10. According to preliminary information, the company will introduce four flagship smartphone, and one of them will be released with support for 5G.

Despite Samsung hopes to restore its sales growth, top-3 major manufacturers of smartphones in the world is now experiencing not the best times.

Noticeably crippled wards Tim cook: October 2018 and January 2019, the value of Apple shares fell by 65% (from $230 to $150 apiece).

And this is not to mention lost the confrontation with the manufacturer of mobile processors Qualcomm: after patent violations in Germany are forbidden to sell some iPhone models, and in China and even restricted the import of certain models of smartphones by Apple – from the iPhone 6S to iPhone X.

Even China’s Huawei, which was the opening of 2018 and beat Apple in number of smartphones sold now are at a new peak of trade and economic confrontation with the United States.In addition to the ban on the use of Huawei products and the development of 5G networks in some countries, in Canada detained the chief financial officer and daughter of the founder of Huawei Technologies, Banjo man. She is suspected of violating us trade sanctions against Iran.

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