Thousands of poles evacuated from-for 100-pound bombs


Revealed the bombs during the Second world war.

On Saturday morning the bomb squad carried out an operation for the removal of more than 20 bombs weighing more than 100 kg each for future disposal at the military training ground of OIG, reports citing .

According to the Vice-mayor of Morong Leszek Biernacki, the potential threat evacuated hospital patients, residents of homes, workers of various institutions. Now in the evacuation centres is 600, and the rest of the residents staying with their relatives in other parts of the city.

Ammunition 13 Dec found builders during repair works on the territory of the military unit. The remains of an artillery warehouse found on the site of the former barracks.

According to the engineers, there should be at least 20-30 bombs.The scene is also the Governor of Warmia and Mazury.

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