The prices for the American automobile flea market


The car in the USA you can often buy directly on the roadside.

America – the birthplace of the car only because this car is not a luxury and not a means of transportation, as required. I already wrote why in the US it’s impossible to travel without a car reports citing .

How are you old man? Just remember the cartoon “Cars”, although there was a Hudson Hornet, but it is very similar in style to this Mercury 1951.

The price tag on this old saloon, to possess which would more than a dozen boys and men, and not only them… $13500… In the description is that is a new engine and transmission from mercury 1953.

Going on and now the side stand F100 Custom. This “monster” would be ripped with hands. Especially for the money as he asked for in the United States.

Wonderful truck will cost $3995. Do you like it? Would have taken? There kolkhoz details: arc front, the rear bumper does not meet the technical Regulations (here he laughed), but still.

The Ford has a cool figurine on the hood. Security reasons such chip manufacturers refused, but for some models, they were great. There is clearly neoriginal, but very compelling.

Go further and right in the middle of the forest there is the Willys. Deep into the forest road going to the house of the owner, but it looks like Willie is just out in the woods. He also sold.

The jeep is in very good condition, but almost in the original, which is especially prized among collectors and fanatics. But the price tag on this “toy” is $4000.

The chairs look original, only explicitly stressed recently. Otherwise, it is a pity that the machine here is so worth it in the rain.

In Europe there are many cars Willys and being at shows, I often see them in the original, in the original kit. The machine is really legendary and worthy of attention.These are sold on the roadsides cars in the USA very much. Mostly, of course, there are modern cars. To buy a good SUV or pickup can be 10-15 thousand dollars.

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