The lawyers were told what violations of the drivers deprived of the rights


The list includes seven items.

Recent years have shown that Ukrainians are actively transplanted to cars. In the same degree increased traffic violations committed by drivers. The worst punishment for any driver – driving ban, reports citing .

It should be noted that law is not taken for each violation, but in traffic a few points, which involve the punishment and they need to know all the drivers.

The lawyers were told what violations are considered serious and entail weaning identities:

– If the driver drove on the streets of the city or town in the car that is faulty and its operation is prohibited, converted in violation of the standards. In this case, if the stopped car, the driver will lose their license.

Also under a sight of law enforcement officers to be law, those who failed during inspection and maintenance.

– Speeding more than 20 km/h, ignoring the markings on the road, road signs and the creation of emergency and dangerous situations on the roads. In this case, the driver risks to remain without the rights for 6-12 months.

– Running a red light, ignoring the rules of crossing intersections, use of signals and external lighting devices that interfere with other road users. In these cases, the rights are confiscated for 6-12 months.

Is also a risk of lose their identity, there are pleasures, who ignored the police request to stop. The identity can take 3-6 months.

– If the driver does not miss the bus, ambulance, fire mod violate traffic rules on dedicated lanes, will say farewell to his rights for 6-12 months.

– The heaviest offence without a license you can stay for up to 10 years, driving in condition of alcoholic or narcotic intoxication , and alcohol consumption by the driver after the accident.

Decide on the date, which will be confiscated driver’s license, takes the court after the police will provide relevant Protocol on violation of traffic rules.

For beginners, the Ukrainian government has developed a more loyal measures. If the rookie was the first law for 2 years and lost them through the courts, then this driver will need to retake the exam.In addition, temporary rights upon the expiration of a term can be exchanged for constants that are valid for 30 years, without examination, provided that during this period there have been no more than two administrative offenses.

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