The charging time of electric cars is going to reduce to a matter of minutes


BMW and Porsche like to charge electric cars with incredible speed.

Two German companies have teamed up and installed a prototype ultra-fast charging stations for electric cars, reports citing .

In Bavaria – the homeland of the BMW appeared the first prototype charging station, which worked the engineers of the two German brands. The project is called Fast Charge, and was first introduced 2 years ago.

Power unique charging station is 450 kW. On assurance of developers, it is able to fully charge any electric car with a CCS connector Type 2 for 15 minutes. If You have someplace to go in your electric car with battery is 90 kWh, only 3 minutes of charging will allow you to drive 100 km.Overall, the new charging station will be able to speed up the process of replenishing the stock of energy in the battery in 3-9 times compared to existing analogue. It will make the entire process as fast as refueling a car with a conventional internal combustion engine.

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