In Kiev activists C14 staged a brawl at the heart Institute


The conflict at the heart Institute happened on December 14

14 December in Kiev, unknown assailants attacked a state institution “Institute of heart.” About this Facebook said the Director of the Institute Boris Todorov, writes with reference to

“The Institute held the working meeting came a lady who started illegal survey, she made a comment and called the police. Girl to the rescue rushed three young men, they misbehaved and got into a fight. Was insulting to me was called “separable” and called some non-existent sins,” he said.

Todorov demanded that the girl deleted the video.

Coordinator C14 Sergey said that the detainees are people from his organization.”They came to see how Todorov conducts trainings for physicians, how to deal with activists like [accused of torture and abduction during the Maidan Yuri] Rat a year ago when they it was illegally hidden. Shrek there is considered a victim. Now one girl squeezed six people and three children was surrounded by guards. It is not allowed. Require remove”, – he wrote.

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