In India there was a mass food poisoning from the temple.


Hospitalized more than a hundred people

In the state of Karnataka in the South-West region of India during religious activities in the temple 11 people, including two children, were killed after he tried a ritual meal. In hospital hospitalized more than a hundred people, reports citing .

In connection with the incident was questioned two people, three managers of the temple were detained by police, reports the Rush Hour, citing foreign media.

According to local police, in hospitals are more than 130 people, eight of them are in critical condition. They all ate the rice, which they offered in the temple.

The government of Karnataka has promised the families of the dead, financial assistance in the amount of 500 thousand rupees (about 6 thousand euros).Local media reported that food poisoning was the result of contamination with pesticides. According to health officials, the food could be poisoned. However, police and authorities have not yet made an official statement about causes of the tragedy.

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