“DNR” led militants in full combat readiness


In Donetsk prepared to “offensive” APU, which said yesterday in Moscow.

The self-proclaimed “DNR” said that all “military units” transferred to full combat readiness in connection with “the threat of attack by the Armed forces of Ukraine”. On Friday, December 14, said “Deputy commander” of the “Republic” Eduard Basurin, reports the Internet-the edition with reference to .

“Despite the threat of a possible attack, our units perform all the provisions of the Minsk “package of measures” and ready to repel the attack. The enemy of any meter will not move to our land. All military units are in full combat readiness”,- he said.

Baturin said that units of the separatists fully equipped with the necessary weapons, equipment and ammunition.

“All our positions re-equipped in engineering terms so that the bolster allow the safe to be used even when precise hit several 152-mm artillery ammunition. Artillery units in readiness to move on in advance prepared positions and fire at the advancing enemy,” he said.

Basurin said that critical objects “Republic” strengthened the means of defense, created caches of weapons and ammunition throughout the “DNR”.In addition, he stated that he was formed “national guard”.

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