Vera Brezhnev confused with 17-year-old daughter


The mother of two children once again boasted a chiseled figure.

Until now, many fans of the 36-year-old Vera Brezhneva wonder how the singer has managed to keep such a sexy shape after the birth of two daughters.

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Often in social networks Brezhnev loads the images from his eldest daughter Sonia, which is almost impossible to determine which of the fair-haired beauties looks older.

Recently, the Instagram account of singer has a touching family picture, where Vera Brezhneva was captured on the seashore with her mother, 17-Lenya Sonia and 8-year-old Sarah.

In review subscribers Brezhnev staged a real debate, trying to determine where in the picture is Faith itself, and where her teenage daughter.

Many were convinced that Sonia is to the left, kasiraja slender legs against the background of more covered outfits of her relatives.

However, supporters of this theory were shocked to learn that Vera Brezhneva posed in the left side of the frame, delighting many fans ultrashort skirt.

The surprised members of the pop diva once again began to praise the “supermama”, which even after the birth of two children, maintains his old form, delighting their natural beauty. One of the fans in a burst of admiration for the singer said: “Not from this planet!”, adding that even in the fifth decade of Brezhnev will remain in the list of most beautiful women of the Earth.

Additionally, subscribers have praised Vera Brezhnev, noting that despite the popularity, she finds time to spend with his family.

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