The stomach is not a hindrance: pregnant Ukrainian leading yoga


The artist actively goes to the gym and stretching.

Known Ukrainian TV presenter and singer Regina todorenko often attracts the attention of fans of the unusual posts in Instagram.

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Recently, a pregnant celebrity showed black-and-white shot where he does yoga.

It is worth noting that despite the interesting position, and the last month of pregnancy, the actress actively acted in his own shows, going to the gym and stretching, as well as attending various social events with her fiance Vlad Topalov.

“Do you do yoga? How old are you? What useful lessons learned from practice? “- asked Todorenko.

Followers were delighted: “Such a pretty little Teletubbies”, “Hand comfortable to hold,the tummy put and all” “it is a Pleasure watching you forever in motion) you’re a very active mommy”, “When you realize that to give birth soon…”, “Jeez, when it was… every time I go look at photo and read in the hope may have all but no, waiting, waiting and fingers crossed”.

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