The scandal between Jolie and pitt: fresh details


The actor approached his ex-wife with a request.

Litigation between former spouses brad pitt and Angelina Jolie last almost three years. cannot solve all legal issues with ex-lover Angelina Jolie.

A few days left before the question about the custody of children of pitt and Jolie, reports citing .

According to the publication, Hollywood actor fears that talking in court, his children will get a psychological trauma. so, for several days, brad pitt is trying to convince his ex-wife to recover and make peace.

“He hoped to persuade angelina, the court case only will cause psychological harm to children. Whatever is decided by the judge, the winners here will not be”, – told the insider publication.

And although Angelina Jolie is not going to give in and insisted on full custody of the children, insiders from the environment of the actress say that she, too, seeks to settle the conflict outside the courtroom.

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