The first trailer for the new “the Lion King” became a hit for the Network. Video


The film will be released in the summer of 2019.

Studio Walt Disney have unveiled the debut teaser trailer for the updated cartoon “the lion King”.

Video published on the YouTube channel of the company, reports citing .

The video shows a scene from the beginning of the tape when the monkey Rafiki represents the animals of the Savannah-born cub Simba, heir to king Mufasa. At this moment the song of Elton John “Circle of life”. In the remake used CGI technology images generated using three-dimensional computer graphics.

A Director of the new “the Lion King” was made by Jon Favreau. He is known for the films “Iron man” and “the jungle Book”. The film will be released in the summer of 2019.

The first cartoon was released in 1994. He received two Academy awards, three Golden globes and three Grammy nominations. “The lion king” grossed a record amount for traditional animation.

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