Naomi Campbell took to the streets of London in a stylish outfit


48-year-old brunette less conquers the world podiums.

It is no secret that over his career, Naomi Campbell has managed to grace the covers of major magazines, as well as to participate in the promotional shots of all the elite brands of women’s clothing and accessories, writes with reference to

However, the legendary “black Panther” does not require a podium and audience to showcase a new image. For example, last night the popular British noticed on one of the streets of London. Despite the presence of sunglasses top models have managed to boast of an actual outfit that successfully focused attention on the chiseled figure of a model.

This time Naomi Campbell wore a cropped jacket in black, form-fitting Golf of thick-knit leggings and also boots, low-heeled genuine suede. By the way, the star of the catwalks complement the outfit with actual broad leather belt, decorated with long fringe. Besides the famous British used a miniature bag with a trendy reptile print. It is worth noting that “black Panther” did not do bright makeup, but that didn’t stop the star of the catwalks boasts natural appeal. Recall now that Naomi Campbell is one of the top fashion experts of the British edition of VOGUE. Additionally, the supermodel actively attending social events, screenings, and shares his own secrets, leading the category in religious gloss. For the first time in several years, “the black Panther” was not included in the five most highly paid models of Albion. By the way, the first line took 44-year-old Kate moss, who returned to the podium after one year of break.

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