Jennifer Lopez starred in the new movie


In January 2019 on the wide screen will release a new tape in which the singer played the lead female role

49-year-old latina has gained worldwide popularity, being not only a pop singer but also an actress, writes with reference to

By the way, on account of Jennifer Lopez’s many film credits, including such films as “enough is enough”, “Plan B”, “maid in Manhattan” and “the Wedding planner”. It is worth noting that in January 2019 on the wide screen will release a new tape, in which the Puerto Rican played the main female role. By the way, the famous singer already gave his first interview to an American TV channels, describing the plot, and the secrets of the creation of the film. It turned out that the partners in the filming of steel Vanessa Hudgens, Milo Ventimiglia, Dan Bucatinsky and other members of Hollywood.

49-year-old Jennifer Lopez said: “I came up with plot, story, and characters. I think Maya is my alter ego. I could be like her, if not became popular. I was able to achieve fame through proper summary, disability insurance, and a great desire for success. But previously I’ve also lived in the Bronx, barely making ends meet, but continued to engage in self-development”. It is noteworthy that in the story the main heroine of the tape “Start again” works in a supermarket chain. However, during the big break goes to a job interview in one of the offices of a large firm, where he received a high position. It is noteworthy that the first movie featuring latina was released on wide screens in 1991. Earlier Jennifer Lopez also attended a variety of interviews, held numerous auditions and performing as a dancer. By the way, now a star of the stage is one of the most highly paid performers of our time. While Jennifer Lopez has acted not only as actress but also a producer “Start over.”

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