In the Kyiv region IC hit and killed a woman


The woman walked too close to the edge of the platform.

In the village of Klavdiyevo-tarasove railway station “Klavdiyevo” passenger train “intercity”, reports citing .

As noted, 06.30-06.40 a.m. a woman was walking down the platform for the warning strip and she was sucked under “intercity”, which pulled into the station.

According to people, the woman literally ripped from the impact.

“Hands and shoulders were lying without clothes… and all covered with blood and meat…” – say the locals.

At the same time, eyewitnesses claim that the driver IC very long horns, but was unable to avoid the tragedy.Now the identity of the woman set previously clarified that she was in 1961, with him she found the ticket in the name Belous Elena Alekseevna.

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