In the Kharkiv region have discovered an ancient underground city. Video


Under the center of the city of Zmiev is a real underground city

In Kharkov found the underground passage in the middle of one of the Central streets, writes with reference to .

“It appealed to us about the fact that the failure, which is where the water goes, and when backfilling earth, it too disappears. And we Zmiev local lore Museum decided to make pit”, – quotes the edition the head of Department of culture Zmiev district state administration Oleg Badulin.

This cave was dug three and a half centuries ago. Walls stroke the clay, not fortified nor with a brick or a tree. Therefore, to carry out excavations dangerous. Therefore, the researchers decided to go through the main course.

Under the center of the city of Zmiev is a real underground city with an extensive passages and rooms. Associates them with the two fortresses which existed in the XI and XVII centuries on the territory of the modern city. According to historical records, they were used as a hiding place during raids. Local about these course knew.

“In my childhood I tried to go there one way better, the other in the direction of the Department store. Somewhere 30-40 meters passed. At first they were made of brick, then wood, wood was made of the houses,” – said in an interview with a resident of Zmiev Alexander Virgo.

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