In Nikolaev the robber crippled veteran of world war II. Video


The attacker has impersonated a COP.

The police of Nikolaev is looking for a criminal who robbed and crippled veteran of world war II. 93-year-old grandfather let him in the house because the attacker has impersonated a COP.

Further, the fraud forced the owner to give all the money and beat him, writes with reference to .

Ivan Verbina now can’t even get out of bed, though earlier without problems went. Says, that to him someone knocked the door and introduced himself as a police officer. Next, the scammer quickly entered the house and there began to demand that veteran’s money.

“I gave him. But I didn’t think that he will kill me. Came up behind me under the arms and on the ground to me. It was painful,” says the man.

Doctors say that grandpa had a hip fracture in two places, and the surgery he may not survive. However, the family decided to take a chance and medic his surgery. Ivan slowly recovering, but home more not planning to return.

In addition, the house of his grandfather being robbed for the third time. Son said he’d take it to him. The police still haven’t found the thieves, but claims that crime is under special control.

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