In Kiev there was an accident involving five cars


In Kiev, near the shopping center “Avenue” for four hours, faced five cars

Thursday, October 22, in Kiev, near the shopping center “Avenue” was a road accident to participation of five cars. The first way did not share the truck and Geelly, writes with reference to .

The message on the first crash came on the line emergency services, about 19:00.

The first clash occurred at a time when Geely went to the curb on the roadway. The truck moved down the street. in the direction of the shopping center “Avenue” and drove into the side of the Chinese, blocking one lane of the road.

On a scene there has arrived patrol, who designed the accident. At this point, around 22:00, Kia at high speed not enough time to change into a free lane and crashed into a truck, causing her stretched out along the road a few meters and blew on the curb. The car is very damaged, the entire side opposite the driver.

Also the participants of the accident became VAZ 2101 and Mitsubishi, which moved in the second lane parallel to the standing on the site of the wagon. Lada did not have time to slow down, when they were cut by a Korean, drove into the side of a truck and slightly damaged the rear bumper of the Japanese.

When Kia was on the side of the driver’s door came the man who was acting suspiciously, and from him came the sharp smell of alcohol. The questions of the police responded aggressively and argued that driving was not for him and the driver ran. The passenger of the vehicle stated that the General was riding in a taxi and did not know who was driving, and his drunk friend was driving in the back seat.

Vehicle documents, driving license and passport neither beauty nor the two people who were inside the Kia at the time of the accident, when browsing discovered. Also, these persons were rude to journalists, investigators and witnesses, the drunk man even tried to fight. The police loaded the alleged driver of the Kia in the car and was told to wait at the scene of the accident will not come the people with the documents on the auto. Patrol claim that clearly saw the aggressive driver was behind the wheel and after the collision left the vehicles. He offered to undergo testing on the Drager, but he refused.

Other participants of the incident were peacefully out the causes of the accident and spoke with police. Fortunately, in accident nobody suffered. There were three patrol police, ambulance and investigative team. The details are being investigated.Earlier, we reported that on Wednesday, November 21, in the Kiev street families of sosninykh, 7a the accident occurred. The drunk driver of a Toyota Camry drove into the electric pole. With the result that the car turned sideways and she blocked the traffic on the roadway.

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