In Kiev on the Playground, the man died


The deceased was with his pants down and foam at the mouth

In Kiev in the Dnieper area the locals had discovered a male corpse. The man died right there sitting on the bench at the Playground near houses at ulitsa Aleksandra Boychenko, 14. About it reports with reference to

The deceased man was seen by the inhabitants of the nearby houses. They called militia and “fast”. The man sitting on the bench, signs of life were fed. It is noted that his mouth was foaming, and for some reason, was lowered pants. In view of the deceased approximately 35-40 years. No it police discovered, but because the person install still failed.

The police claim that the man did not look like a homeless person, although she looked troubled. Doctors suggest that a possible cause of death could be drug overdose, to such conclusion the doctors came, looking at external signs. All that found near the body: a pack of cigarettes and a lighter. The territory of the Playground is gone. I worked at a place investigators, police officers and medics from the ambulance. The cause of death can be established only after autopsy.

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