In Kiev, near the metro station found the body of a man


Near one of the entrances to the metro station “Nivki” found the corpse of a man

Thursday, November 22, in Kiev near one of the entrances to the metro station “Nivki” found a man’s body. The first body noticed the people passing by, writes with reference to .

The message on incident arrived on the line the emergency services at about 23:30.

Most likely, the man died suddenly, as this area is lively even late at night and noticed it, apparently, at once. Metro was still working, nearby trailers with fast food. According to employees of the mafs, anything suspicious they have not seen and not heard. But the incident was discovered when the place has worked for the police and an ambulance. The people who called service, was not there.

On arrival, the doctors pronounced the death. Documents from the deceased were not with him, therefore, to identify so far failed. He looks 35-45 years old, was dressed decently, you should have the cash. Presumably not homeless.

The police claim that the cause of death is not exactly cold outside, because when they arrived at the incident, the body was still warm, turned blue only lips. Most likely, the man suddenly became ill. Doctors suggest that it could be a heart attack. But the real reason is unknown.I worked at a place the police investigative team and physicians. The identity of the deceased will establish a consequence. The cause of death will be known at the opening.

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