A scandal around the school in Volyn: fresh details. Video


Parents refuse to drive their children to classes because of the headmistress.

In the Volyn region in the village of Lake in the local school scandal: from 130 students to class only goes 20, and the rest do not let the parents.

According to locals, the headmaster humiliates their children, and teachers, writes with reference to .

Parents tell different stories. One child in the dining room, the headmistress pulled out the food and said that today he will not eat. Another girl she insulted and scared.

Support parents and teachers who complain that the Director did not disdain to chastise them publicly in front of children. According to them, this situation has been ongoing for 14 years – that’s how much time she runs the school. But if the teachers were afraid of her, fearing that the headmistress will ruin their career, now they are determined to fight, seeking the dismissal of the controversial Director. Many are even ready to leave the school, if the woman will continue to occupy the post.

She is the headmistress now is on refresher courses, so the school is missing, and her husband (the local MP) said that it is “poison”, and the reason for dismissal does not find.

The district Department of education explain that to dismiss the Director can only be a regional power, and they have no such competency. But the district Council had last week to consider the question of dismissal of the headmistress, but postponed the meeting. And claim that the woman’s husband is a colleague, will not affect the decision.

Parents determined the children to school not to start until the Director won’t be fired.

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