In the river 11-year-old boy nearly died in the loop


The child is in serious condition.

In the river in one of the apartments of a house was hung up 11-the summer teenager. The boy with a rope around his neck found his mother and immediately called an ambulance. The tragedy occurred in the house in a new York alley the day before, the Informant reports Thursday, 8 November, at .

“Before the arrival of the ambulance she tried to catch her breath and heartbeat of the son. Thanks to the quick reaction of the mother and prompt action by doctors the child was saved”, – is spoken in the message.

All night at the children’s hospital on a Space for the boy’s life fought dozens of doctors. Now the child’s condition is assessed as severe, he is in intensive care.According to preliminary information from law enforcement agencies of any suicide notes, the boy did not leave and their intentions didn’t tell anyone. The situation took control of the police juvenile prevention, all the details and circumstances of incident are investigated.

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