In the Kyiv region, the swindler robbed people for a large sum


The application filed by 7 people.

In Belotserkovsky area of 29-year-old legal consultant private enterprise within three years deceived the locals and appropriated approximately 90 000 hryvnia, reports with reference to

It is established that the speculator has taken for the renewal of the inheritance, helped in the results of mutual funds for the lease of land plots and provide other paid services.

At work, trusted her, so without hesitation gave out funds that did not reach the victims and settled in the pocket of the ill-minded woman. Cash orders that provided the accountant the swindler to sign clients, the woman forged and returned.

When the company began to contact people with the request to return the documents or money is suspicious. At that time the crook had a baby and was on maternity leave.

Officially statements to the police said 7 people are injured.On the facts of forgery of documents and fraud, the police opened criminal proceedings. To the crime, the woman confessed, but money deceived people never returned.

The case is considered in court.

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