In Lviv, the robber was hiding from police in a tree


The robber managed to hold.

In Lviv today night patrol has received information that at the main train station there was a robbery. Three men attacked the appellant and took him 100 dollars and 200 zlotys. Also, the victim said that one of them was the gun with which he was threatened, reports citing .

“The crews of the patrol police began to check the area around the scene and explore the surrounding streets. It was soon discovered three men, who came for orientation. When they saw the official car of the police, began to run away. One of the escapees got caught. When he had money that belonged to the victim”, – reported in police patrol.

Another police unit continued to search for the two fugitives. Near the train station, on Gorodotska, the patrol saw a man who climbed a tree and tried to hide behind the branches. He was asked to get off. 27-year-old fit the description that was given by the applicant.Subsequently, the patrol found the third fugitive is a 24-year-old resident of Lviv region. One of the detainees was wanted for fraud. The victim recognized all three and confirmed that they attacked him. The case was transferred to investigators.

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