In Kiev Skinner is thrown out the window dog


The animal was rescued.

In Kiev, there was the failed assassination attempt of the dog. Unknown Skinner threw your pet from the 4th floor, at .

The incident occurred on Krasnopolskaya street. Local residents heard an unknown inhabitant of their house beating his dog, then throwing it out the window. By joining forces, Kiev was saved by the injured animal. Fortunately, in the fall she had damaged limbs and internal organs, leaving only small bruises.The injured dog was only 3 months. At the moment, looking for her new owners. As for retribution for the knacker that committed the attempted murder, he did not threaten – according to local residents, attempt to call the police has not led to success. First, the police did not come, citing the fact that the animal is not killed. The second call attempt failed, but the police just opened the door to the apartment, which dropped the dog.

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