Kuchma has made a forecast for the exchange of prisoners


Kuchma believes that the exchange of hostages will not be until the presidential elections in 2019.

The representative of Ukraine in the Tripartite contact group in Minsk and the second President Leonid Kuchma expects the exchange of prisoners before the presidential elections in 2019.

He said this on the sidelines of the 15th of the YES forum in Kyiv, writes the Internet-the edition with reference to .

“I don’t think any exchanges will be before the presidential election”, – he said to journalists.

The vote in the presidential elections of Ukraine will take place March 31, 2019, the election of the Verkhovna Rada on 27 October 2019.Recall, 27 December 2017 at KPVV Maori in the area of Gorlovka held a large-scale exchange of prisoners – 74 Ukrainian traded on 306 militants.

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